by TTO

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HIT 010.


released December 2, 2014

All songs by TTO.
Produced by Daryl Hilley and TTO.
Mixed and Engineered by Daryl Hilley.
Recorded at Stoned Goat Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.
Artwork and layout by Greg Rudolph.



all rights reserved


Hang In There Records Nashville, Tennessee

DIY. Nashville, TN/Oskaloosa,IA. Est. 2012

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Track Name: Come Home
I’m still wishing you’d come home even though it’s not home to you
Cause I’m sitting here with an empty view
I’m tired of writing songs that you won’t ever even hear and I’m tired of feeling like I don’t want to be here
I’ve spent the last few years looking for ways to keep your heart but I’ve come to realize that I don’t want it anymore
I’d like to say that I do not care but that would be a lie because more than anything I just want to know that you’re alright
I always get my hopes way too high that you might change your mind. I always get my hopes too high every time
But you’re not coming home and you never were
Track Name: Dreaming Like That
I bet you’re not dreaming like that anymore or waking up with a heart grown tired and sore
The days drag on, longer all the time and I can’t seem to get you off of mind
I bet you’re not singing like that anymore
It always made your voice tired and sore
Remember when we sang those songs?
Now I’m just singing along
Lost in my head
Stuck in my bed
Filled up with dread
Wishing I was dead
I bet you’re not dreaming like that anymore
I don’t want to dream like this anymore
Track Name: I'm Alright
Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me
I bet you can’t
Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love him
I bet you can’t
Maybe Tennessee is calling out your name
Maybe some things never change
My eyes won’t seem to cry
Can I borrow yours for the night?
Cause it’s alright
Cause I’m alright
Track Name: Crofton
We finally made it out to Crofton
Just not the way any of us wanted
We put countless names to faces
It left us feeling haunted
We finally made it out to Crofton
They shut the freeway down
For once, they were on your side
We knew that you would be laughing
As the glow from their blue lights shined
We finally made it out to Crofton
I saw those mountains again as I flew overhead
Such a bittersweet moment that I will never ever forget
We finally made it out to Crofton
Track Name: Windmills
We drove past windmills and you sat by my side but you didn’t blink, no, you didn’t bat an eye
An illuminated screen held your focus
I guess this wasn’t about us
Those lights don’t shine as bright as the glow from your big city lights
No, you’re just passing through and you’re passing by me too
Your lights guide my path but they don’t blink too fast
They play games with my imagination
Haunting synchronization
It’s fair to say that I’m tired too
Except this game is played by two
The brightest lights weren’t yours to keep but you can watch them while sleep